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What is the Mind-Body Buzz?. YinYang

Mind-Body Buzz

Mind-Body-Buzz is the way I like to describe the 'fusion', the intimate communication between our psyche and physical body; a communication that is happening every nano second as both work to promote health on every level. When you are out of balance this communication becomes negative; negativity creates dis-harmony which can lead to ill health on every level.

If you realised how powerful your thoughts are,
you would never think a negative thought.

Peace Pilgrim

Your mind affects your body in many ways. We all know stress affects our physical health and there are many stressors in life, some involve changes happening in your life that you feel you have no control over; losing your job, losing a loved one, money problems to name a few. Others seem more positive, such as starting a new job, having a baby and moving home.

Stress causes your body to release Cortisol, which can cause physical and emotional problems such as high blood pressure, neck and back pain, tiredness, insomnia, palpitations, IBS, ulcers, anxiety and panic attacks to name but a few.

Less obvious is that your immune system becomes run down and you are more prone to viruses, eczema, tummy upsets. When you are feeling low emotionally you do not look after yourself as well as you should and probably do not exercise, you eat more junk foods and abuse tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

The first step to recovery with all of these symptoms and more is to learn to relax and reduce stress.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

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A man is but the product of his thoughts
What he thinks he becomes

Mahatma Gandhi

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How can we improve emotional health?

It's important that we are mindful of our feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, anger and sadness and how we express them.

Find a work life balance; prioritise and break down 'to-do' lists into manageable chunks! I can help you to discover your inner resources so you can achieve and maintain equilibrium and good health.

I can help you to create new healthy 'habits', to come out of the furrow that we all dig deeply in our minds, the furrow that becomes natural and comfortable even though it serves no healthy purpose.

Learn to eat mindfully, exercise, sleep well and importantly, learn how to say no. I can help you to avoid substance abuse, it doesn't solve anything and causes problems all of it's own. You can start to create new healthy 'habits', positive habits that are beneficial for your well-being.

If you would like some help to learn how to improve your emotional health, email or give me a call.

There is significant scientific evidence suggesting that the mind has a direct effect on the body ... both for better and worse. Research demonstrates that we can cause our bodies to be sick just by the anticipation of a future event or the memory of a past experience.

In both cases, it is our thoughts that are creating powerful chemicals of stress to alter most of the systems in our body. So what we think about and the intensity of these thoughts directly influences our health, the choices we make, and our quality of life.

Michael Domeyko Rowland

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