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My name is Gill Matthews and I am a professional Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Fertility and Childbirth Coach. I practice in Barton on Sea, New Milton twixt Lymington in Hampshire and Bournemouth and Christchurch in Dorset. I offer Coaching sessions face-to-face or online via Skype or Facetime.

I am a Senior Practitioner and Supervisor with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and have been in practice for 27 years. As a qualified Fertile Body Method Therapist I use hypnosis with the mind-body approach for fertility and childbirth issues. I am also a member of the NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners, a Registered Hypnotherapy professional with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and a recognised PruHealth Practitioner. In the early 90's I was fortunate enough to train in pain relief and stress management with Doctor Brian Roet. Doctor Roet was a G.P. and an anaesthetist before he discovered the art of Hypnotherapy over 30 years ago and he is still practicing and teaching today.

'There is only one world ...
but there are many ways of looking at it.'

Dr. Brian Roet.

In my work I use the many approaches I have learned during my years in practice to help you find solutions to issues and problems you may be experiencing. There is rarely a single way of treating a problem, even if it comes with a nice clear label. I will work with you to achieve your aims and your goals. You will always be treated as the totally unique person you are because you perceive life your own way!

The other aspect of sessions with me is that I will listen. How often do you get the undivided attention from another person with time to explore exactly who you are, without judgement?

'The Pessimist complains about the wind;
The Optimist expects it to change;
The Realist adjusts the sails'

William A Ward

If there is any area of your life that you would like to 'adjust' pick up the phone or email me ... the treatments I can offer are an effective way of helping you to make lasting, beneficial changes!

Hypnotherapy and Coaching helps with issues such as stress, self-esteem, confidence, phobias (such as fear of flying, fear of heights and fear of failure), panic attacks and post traumatic stress (PTSD), all of which can often lead to anxiety based problems such as IBS, hair pulling, self harming, sleep problems and any addictions, including prescription and recreational drugs, alcohol and smoking to name but a few.

Hypno-birthing session with me are not only focussed on the moment of birth but also on keeping you and baby well and free from stress during the whole pregnancy. You will learn to identify, understand and eliminate any self limiting beliefs and know how to relax deeply and mindfully. Allowing what is a natural process and releasing any fears and limiting beliefs is empowering. You can remain powerful and in control, even if your birth-plan changes.

I have 27 years experience to put at your disposal and many different techniques that will be tailored to your unique belief system and situation. If you want to know how I can help you to have a positive pregnancy and Hypno-birthing experience, give me a call or e-mail me today.

'... all you need is love, love is all you need ... '

The Beatles.

Habits such as smoking, weight loss, alcohol abuse and nail biting can also be addressed. Conception, fertility issues and childbirth can be helped with these methods too. Also any problems associated with pain control, such as childbirth, dental procedures, and including any medical treatments for serious illnesses such as cancer.

Hypnotherapy and Coaching can also help with performance related concerns too, such as driving, interviews, presentations, exam success and exam nerves. Children's issues, such as confidence, bedwetting, bullying, exams and phobias also benefit from this form of treatment.

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Homeopathy and Bioresonance treatments (which include hormone balancing, allergy testing and also treatments for babies and children) are also available at my practice in Barton on Sea, New Milton, Hampshire with Janey Thompson.

A CRB checked practitioner with over 20 years experience in Complementary Medicine, Janey is also a Senior Practitioner with the GHR and a recognised Peer Supervisor with the GHSC. Her work includes a Facilitation & Mediation Resource for both corporate and individual clients, having worked in both the Charitable and Educational sectors. Janey is also a Personal and Business Performance Coach.

'Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the tradewinds in your sails ... Explore ... Dream ... Discover.'

Mark Twain

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I am a hypnotherapist practising in New Milton, Hampshire. Search for me on the Hypnotherapist Register, under Hypnotherapy Hampshire, New Milton and Lymington in the New Forest, or Christchurch and Bournemouth in Dorset. Also Homeopathy is available in New Milton. You can find me under Life Coaching Lymington, the New Forest, Hampshire, or Christchurch and Bournemouth in Dorset. I am listed under the search for Childbirth Coach New Milton and Lymington in the New Forest, Hampshire. I am to be found also under Homeopathy in Christchurch and Bournemouth in Dorset.

Search for me under Stress Management New Milton, Lymington, the New Forest in Hampshire or Christchurch and Bournemouth in Dorset. I deal with IBS related anxiety. For stress coaching search for me at online life coaching, also Skype life coaching, online fertility coaching and Skype fertility coaching. Homeopathy and Bioresonance is also available at my practice. Do search for me under Hypnotherapy Hampshire, Life Coaching Lymington and Childbirth Coach New Milton and on both the Hampshire Local Business Directory and The UK Directory of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Resources