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My name is Gill Matthews and I am a professional Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Stress Management Consultant. I practice in Barton on Sea, New Milton, between Southampton and Lymington in Hampshire and Bournemouth and Christchurch in Dorset. I offer Coaching sessions face-to-face or online via Skype or Facetime.

I am a Senior Practitioner and Peer Supervisor with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and have been in full-time practice for 30 years. It is now scientifically recognised that stress is the pre-cursor to the malaise of humanity, my expertise lies in all stress related issues known to man, woman and child!

I am an Educational Performance Practioner, therefore I can help with study, exam performance and educational stress in adults and children.

As a qualified Fertile Body Method Therapist I use hypnosis with the mind-body approach for all fertility issues, IVF and hypnobirthing. I trained with Dr. Brian Roet (former GP and Anaesthetist) in Pain Relief and Stress Management.

I am a Registered Hypnotherapy professional with the CNHC (an Accredited Register approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care) and a recognised PruHealth Practitioner.

'If you are not willing to risk the unusual,
you are going to have to settle for the ordinary.'

Jim Rohn

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I offer a 30 minute free consultation which gives you an opportunity to understand your problem at a deeper level. This is also available over the telephone or Skype if that is more convenient for you.

For more details of my 30 minute no obligation Free Consultation ring 01425 638817 or email me.

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In my work I use the many approaches I have learned during my years in practice to help you find solutions to issues and problems you may be experiencing, to educate and empower you to grow, flourish and reach your full potential. There is rarely a single way of treating a problem, even if it comes with a nice clear label. I will work with you to achieve your aims and your goals. You will always be treated as the totally unique person you are because you perceive life your own way!

The other aspect of sessions with me is that I will listen. How often do you get the undivided attention of another person with the time to explore exactly who you are, without judgement? Evolve into your best you, find the awesome person you really are.

'We not only can't separate the mind from the body, but we can't change one without changing the other.
Our perspectives on life can have a huge impact on our emotional and physical health.
Sometimes a slight shift in thinking can make a huge difference.

John Gray, Ph.D (Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice)

If there is any area of your life that you would like to 'shift' pick up the phone or email me ... the treatments I can offer are an effective way of helping you to make lasting, beneficial changes!

Take a look at the Testimonials page to see how this has helped others.

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"I brought my seven year old daughter along to see Gill primarily because of her deep fear of the sea and generally low sense of self esteem. Following our session, my daughter immediately showed signs of improved mental strength and her self esteem grew enormously. She now tackles new things with vigour and is more likely to take chances without fear of failure. She finds great happiness in playing in the sea and has brushed off her previous fears. She regularly uses the techniques shown to her by Gill to help manage her emotions and feels in control and empowered. We can't believe what a difference an hour has made to her life and her future."

CD, Hampshire

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

Albert Einstein

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Here are some of the more common issues that people come to me for help with:

Fears & Panic Attacks
Personal Development
Reaching Full Potential
Children's Issues
Learn Mindful Meditation
Exam & Learning Performance
Study Motivation
Driving Test Nerves
Memory Improvement
Performance Anxiety
Addictive Eating
Healthy Eating & Weight Loss
Eating Disorders
Interview Skills/Confidence
Public Speaking
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Sleep Issues
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Stop Smoking
Fertility & Conception Issues
Pain Management
Improving Mental Toughness
Emotional Intelligence
Sports Performance
Preparation for Competition ... to name but a few

Always remember that you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else.

Margaret Mead

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I offer a free consultation of 30 minutes which is an opportunity for you to understand your problem at a deeper level.. This is also available over the telephone or Skype if that is more convenient for you.

For more details of my 30 minute no obligation Free Consultation ring 01425 638817 or email me.

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I am an experienced Hypnotherapist practising in New Milton, Hampshire. Search for me on the Hypnotherapist Register, under Hypnotherapy Hampshire, Southampton, New Milton and Lymington in The New Forest Hampshire, or Christchurch and Bournemouth in Dorset. I am an expert in all areas of Stress Management Lymington for Hypnobirthing, Fertility, Exam Performance IBS and Anxiety. You can find me under Hypnobirthing New Milton and Lymington, Southampton, The New Forest, Hampshire, or Christchurch and Bournemouth in Dorset. I am listed under the search for Hypnobirthing New Milton, Stress Lymington and Hypnotherapy Hampshire in The New Forest and Hampshire. I am to be found also under IBS, Anxiety, Fertility, Hypnobirthing and Hypnotherapy in Christchurch and Stress and Fertility in Bournemouth in Dorset. Do you want Hypnobirthing New Milton, Stress Lymington or Hypnotherapy Hampshire? Then give me a call.

Search for me under Stress Management New Milton, Lymington, Southampton and The New Forest in Hampshire or Christchurch and Bournemouth in Dorset. I deal with IBS related anxiety. For stress and childbirth coaching search for me at online life coach, also Skype life coaching, online fertility coach and Skype fertility coaching. is also available at my practice in Hampshire. Do search for me under Stress Lymington Hypnotherapy Hampshire, Life Coaching Lymington and Hypnobirthing New Milton and on the Hampshire Local Business Directory